we charge

BlueSail Advisors is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Our compensation comes solely from the fees paid to us directly by our clients.

We receive no compensation based on the purchase or sale of any financial products. We do not receive commissions, rebates, awards, finder’s fees, bonuses or any other revenue from third parties.

“Fee-based” and “Fee-offset” advisors are paid in two ways: the fees paid by their clients and the commissions they receive when their clients purchase the financial products they recommend. We believe there is a serious conflict of interest when the advisor gains financially if the client chooses to implement the planner’s recommendation.

Our fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on the total Assets Under Management (AUM). Clients are billed quarterly in advance. Financial Planning services are typically charged under a one-time fee, except where the client’s needs require a more extensive relationship.

You can rest assured that our recommendations are designed solely to serve your financial interests, because our compensation is not affected by the financial decisions you make.